Dennis Atkinson

Dennis brings to e-cell secure experience from a successful career in advancing research and innovation into commercialization along with a strong technical background (BS Electrical Engineering degree from Kettering University, and a MS Biomedical Engineering degree from Penn State). He has held management positions in both industry (General Motors, Siemens and General Electric) as well as academia (University of Southern California (USC) and Wayne State University. As a senior scientist and as a research manager, he developed bridges for university-industry collaborative teams.  While a senior scientist in industry, he developed new technologies that lead to billion-dollar markets,  while collaborating with senior academic researchers and publishing in peer-reviewed academic press (over 75 papers co-authored with over 4,000 citations to date).

Prior to joining Wayne State, Dennis served in research and managerial roles in both industry and academia At the University of Southern California he was the Director of Corporate Research Advancement coordinating and building corporate research relationships. Prior to this, he had roles within the healthcare industry, in both research and management. While at General Electric Healthcare, he served as their Manager of Academic Research, a role where he managed the sponsored research portfolios at major west coast academic institutions.

In the automotive field, he received his Electrical Engineering degree at General Motors Institute while working at one of GM's central engineering facilities in Warren, Michigan. His experience there was a broad one including product design, process improvement, industrial production and device testing.  His undergraduate thesis was on developing novel tools for realtime monitoring and long term strategic planning.  


Dennis brings to the e-cell secure  team a strong and varied technical background, industry successes with Fortune 50 companies, proven academic collaboration and research experience. He brings a passion for developing and implementing solutions to new technical challenges.

Ronald Butler

Ron holds a Master’s degree in Instructional Systems Design from Wayne State University with an emphasis on Human and Organizational Performance Technology.  Ron’s background includes 27 years as a Detroit Fire Department (DFD) officer and 7 years as a Detroit Public Schools teacher (Mathematics). He has served as a consultant on numerous battery fire safety and training contracts (Ford Motor Co., Underwriters Laboratories (UL), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Volkswagen, Audi, 24g, University of Texas, General Motors, University of Michigan, Xerox, Kitty Hawk, Zamboni, Zero Motorcycles, and many more) and possesses 20+ years of training and organizational development experience.

Ron’s certifications include: Fire Inspector I (NFPA), Professional Continuity Practitioner (FEMA), Business Continuity Planner (NFPA 1600), Disaster Response and Recovery, Emergency Planning (State of Michigan), Pipeline Emergencies Response, Professional Emergency Manager Cert (State of Michigan), Emergency Exercise Planning (State of Michigan and FEMA), contract negotiations, hazardous materials (response and operations), evacuation planning (NFPA), radiological awareness, response and operations, rapid intervention, confined space (operations), marine firefighting (response and operations), Lithium-Ion Battery Fire Response Training for Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF), process design (battery fire response SOP’s), and many more. Ron has active partnerships with NFPA and Underwriters Laboratories. He has designed, and delivers, battery/xEV safety and emergency response training for both organizations and assisted in the development of NFPA’s Energy Storage Response Training for First Responders.


Ron has active partnerships with NFPA and Underwriters Laboratories, The University of Texas, and more. He has designed, and delivers, battery/xEV safety and emergency response training for both organizations and assisted in the development of NFPA’s Energy Storage Response Training for First Responders. Ron founded Energy Storage Safety Products International, LLC (ESSPI), which is involved in the design and development of next-generation fire suppression and containment systems for battery operations and logistics. He chairs the Michigan Aerospace Manufacturers Association’s Battery Logistics Development Group which has defined a group of organizations that seek to develop solutions for the safe shipment and storage of battery tech. Ron is a self-proclaimed "nerd" of everything battery safety related.

Ron is the "Jedi Master of Battery Safety"